A good alternative to Slack or Microsoft Teams to make information transmission more efficient

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Now more and more teams are beginning to use more efficient team communication tools. This is why group-based information communication tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams are now more and more favored by small teams: to make information communication more Focus, and can be seamlessly integrated with other third-party tools.

Quill is also a similar team communication tool, but it pays more attention to effective segmentation and classification of information than Slack and Microsoft Teams. Similarly, you can create different groups for different team work, in different groups Post a topic in.

Unlike a chat room where you can reply to a certain conversation, the conversation in Quill is more focused and targeted-you can divide the topic raised for a certain conversation into one thread and focus on this single topic Information exchange and discussion, so that when you open a group, you can quickly find out what is currently being discussed.

For topics related to yourself, you can find the current conversation content in the Activity Feed, and you can set it to postpone notification, archive or skip through gestures if you don’t follow it. This also prevents you from frequently receiving notifications on your phone. ——Unless this matter is really important.

Quill pays more attention to the purpose of information-whether it is for work or just for personal social interaction. This distinction is that you can share your life in a personal thread of a public channel, just like Instagram; and for work information , It has thematic nature, so naturally it should be placed in a dedicated group channel. This separation further focuses on refining information density to a certain extent to achieve more efficient communication.

Of course, Quill still contains the functions included in other team communication tools, such as file sharing, permission control, third-party applications, and personal voice/video calls, etc., and even voice or video communication can also be used for conversations. Send files and links in the box to improve the efficiency of communication.

In general, Quill is a brand new team tool, you can see its unique insights into information processing, through functional adjustments to make communication more efficient and focused, for small teams, it is a good alternative to Slack or Microsoft Teams.

At present, Quill has officially launched and launched clients based on Web, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux. The paid version mainly adds features such as unlimited message history and unlimited third-party integration. Even the free version supports unlimited messages and unlimited groups and members.