AirBuddy 2: In addition to managing your AirPods, you can do more

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Many people buy AirPods and mostly choose to use it with iPhone, but if you use it with Mac, a tool called AirBuddy should be your must-have application: you can use it to manage AirPods connected to Mac, especially You can clearly know when your AirPods need to be charged.

With the release of the new version of macOS, the developers of AirBuddy also launched a major version upgrade: AirBuddy 2. Compared with the previous version, which only manages AirPods, AirBuddy 2 has expanded a lot of functions and transformed into a fairly comprehensive and practical Bluetooth management tool.

Like the previous version, in the earphone management, AirBuddy 2 newly added support for the Beats earphones of the same Apple company, especially for earphones with Beats Solo cables-after pairing and setting the listening mode.

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After the headset is connected to the Mac, you can also use AirBuddy 2 to do more fine control. For example, you can choose “normal”, “transparent” and “noise reduction” to adapt to different usage scenarios, and the function control is also very precise, For multiple Bluetooth headset devices, you can turn off the microphone of a specific headset to match different usage scenarios.

At the same time, compared to the previous version, AirBuddy 2’s new Bluetooth device management is not limited to headsets. Now you can see all connected devices and the corresponding battery status, whether it’s iPad, iPhone or other Bluetooth wireless peripherals, if you are around There are multiple Macs running AirBuddy 2, then you can also transfer the current peripheral connection to another Mac through its unique Magic Handoff, so that you don’t need to spend too much energy on the device when working in a team. Connect repeatedly.

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AirBuddy 2 can also support personalized customization. For example, you can assign different keyboard shortcuts to the application settings of different devices, or you can specify a specific device to be displayed in the menu bar. If you happen to be upgraded to macOS Big Sur, then With widgets you can track the battery status of each device.

Image via MacStories

AirBuddy 2 is now officially available for download on its official website. New users can purchase it for $9.99; for old users, if they bought the first generation in 2019, they can purchase the second generation for $4.99, and users who purchase in 2020 can upgrade for free. To the new version.