Android Weekly | Focus on the upcoming benefits of Google Photos

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The Android weekly share with you the Android-related events worthy of attention in the past week.

What’s the worthy of attention in the past week?

Google Photos will soon no longer provide free uploads, this is the content that is worthy of attention recently, you can also refer to “The best alternative of Google Photos”  to get other choices.

Google is about to force two-step verification for accounts, which is also worth paying attention to.

In addition, in the new application, this week Clubhouse officially released the Android version of the application, while OnePlus also released an Android-desktop clipboard synchronization tool.

Google Photos will no longer provide free uploads

It seems that not long ago, the most frequently mentioned advantage of Google Photos is the ability to upload unlimited high-definition pictures. Although not the original picture quality, it is already very commendable as a free and open service to all users.

But the reality is often not so good: we now know that Google announced in the fall last year that this free service will end in June 2021 (Refer to the post of HandsomeDaddy last year). At that time, regardless of the quality of the uploaded photos, they will be counted as affiliated with Google accounts. In the cloud space.

Another cruel fact is: the 15GB of cloud storage space is not exclusively prepared for Google Photos, but is shared with other Google services under the same Google account-such as Gmail and Google Drive cloud disk, which is for many users. Speaking, it actually means that there is less backup space left for Google Photos.

Although the benefit of “unlimited uploading of photos” on Pixel series phones is still there, this special treatment has already begun to shrink in recent years: from the first generation of Pixel, it still uploads unlimited original quality photos to Pixel 2/3. Three years of unlimited uploading of original image quality and models after Pixel 3a can only upload unlimited high-definition images.

What’s even more regrettable is that Google has previously confirmed on the support page that starting from Pixel 6, future releases of Pixel phones will no longer come with this benefit.

So, if you have more photos you want to upload now, a warm reminder: You should seize the last time window and upload the existing photos in the next few weeks; so that even if you still want to pass in the future Open Google One service and other methods to pay for more cloud space, and now uploaded photos will not take up more space.

Google account will be forced to enable two-step verification

Two-step verification is a way to significantly improve account security. Although the Google account system natively supports two-step verification with the help of smartphones, many users have intentionally or unintentionally failed to enable this feature.

In order to enable more users to enable this feature, on World Password Day last week, Google announced that it will enable mandatory two-step verification for all Google accounts within this year. When two-step verification is enabled, when you log in to your Google account, you will receive a verification notification on whether to allow login, or receive a text message/email containing the verification password on the phone.

In general, in the future, as long as you have a Google account on any smartphone (no matter Android or iOS), this Google account will be forced to enable two-step verification. If you are not sure whether two-step verification has been turned on on your Google account, you can check it in the Google account security settings.

Clipt: Android-Desktop Clipboard Synchronization Service

The multi-device clipboard synchronization function under Apple’s ecology has always been very easy to use advantage, and on the Android device side, it is very clumsy to synchronize with Windows or macOS. Few services can achieve a smooth and natural clipboard synchronization experience between multiple devices.

Last week, OneLab, a subsidiary of OnePlus, released a special Android-desktop clipboard synchronization service; the reason why it is “special” is that its synchronization mechanism is actually based on Google Drive synchronization, and it is precisely because of the operation based on Google Drive. Principle, with the help of the Android App and desktop Chrome browser plug-in, Clipt can also quickly synchronize photos and other files between multiple devices.

However, in actual use, a problem that affects the user experience is the clipboard reading permission management of the Android 10 system. As a result, the Clipt Android app can only be read normally by running the app and manually syncing the clipboard. From the desktop There is no such problem when syncing to an Android phone; in addition, Clipt currently has a bug that the Google account cannot log in on the Edge browser that also supports the Chrome plug-in.

To use Clipt, you need to download Android Apps on the Play Store, download the corresponding plug-in on the desktop Chrome browser, and complete the corresponding account login and authorization settings on each device, and you can use it normally.

Clubhouse Android version is here

On May 10, Clubhouse finally launched the Clubhouse Android version on the Play Store in the US. Whether it is creating a new chat room or the various user experiences in the chat room, they are almost exactly the same as the iOS version.

The current version of Clubhouse Android is still a beta test version, so currently only the Play Store in the United States can download Clubhouse, and Play Store users in other countries can also pre-register and receive a notification when it is officially launched.