Bomi: One-stop skincare and cosmetics management

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As a man with a beard, every time I see a mountain of cosmetics and skincare products piled up on my wife’s dressing table, I have a question from my heart: Can she use it up?

In fact, for people who love beauty, skincare products and cosmetics will never be too much, and “how to use” there is no need to worry. Whether at home or out, getting up or about to go to bed, different cosmetics will be used.

My wife is more entangled in “whether to apply a whitening mask or a moisturizing mask today.” Is there an app that can help manage all their cosmetics and record the use process and experience? Why not try Bomi introduced today.

The main functions of Bomi are divided into two parts: product management and product use process records. Bomi has built-in a rich skincare/cosmetics library. For products that have been recorded in the library, Bomi will give detailed product information such as formula and efficacy. We can directly select products from the built-in product library to add to the shelf. For brands that are temporarily missing in the library, we can also choose to customize.

When our product shelf is gradually enriched, we can start to establish our own product use process. Skincare/cosmetics usage time, usage frequency, usage steps, etc. can be set. For specific skincare procedures, such as regular cleaning, we can also set reminders.

You can download and use Bomi for free through the Play Store.