Brethap: an Android app that allows customization of daily breathing exercises.

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With more and more people paying attention to their physical and mental health, people are trying to break away from the heavy work and life pressures and pay attention to exploring their inner self through various methods. Various training and tutorials are also popular, ASMR videos are also well received, and meditation and mindfulness training have also come into the public’s view. Brethap is an application that helps us control our breathing during meditation.

Users of the Apple Watch know that mindfulness is integrated into the watch as a built-in app. If you are using an Android phone and have not purchased a smartwatch, Brethap can serve as a good assistant to help control breathing during mindfulness or meditation. Of course, even if you have a smartwatch, you can install the Wear OS version of Brethap.

Brethap allows us to set up 5 different breathing patterns, and we can name each pattern for easy selection later. For each pattern, Brethap can further set the inhalation time, holding time, and exhalation time.

Since Brethap is primarily used on mobile devices, the prompt for each inhalation and exhalation is not directly perceivable through vibration like a watch, so if you don’t want to hold your phone while breathing, Brethap also supports customizing the sound of various reminders.

Brethap also has built-in statistics, through the built-in calendar, we can clearly see which days we have performed breathing exercises, how many times breathing exercises were performed on that day, and how long each time was.

You can download and experience Brethap through Play Store.