Clips 3.0: The official video creation application ushered in a major version update

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Clips is a video creation application produced by Apple for iOS/iPadOS. Last week, it updated version 3.0. The main updates include video streaming and full-screen browsing interface on iOS, as well as horizontal recording on iPad, Scribble and Bluetooth mouse/trackpad. stand by.

As you can see, the redesigned “effects and media” streamline form appears at the bottom of the interface, which is convenient for users to directly add them to the video during processing. This is the most noticeable change in the updated version. This drawer can be dragged upwards to present emoticons and effects displayed on the full screen. Among them, the official added 8 sets of stickers, 6 arrow shapes, and 25 built-in audio tracks that automatically adapt to the length of the video.

The Clips on the mobile phone are especially adapted to the HDR videos recorded by the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro using the rear camera. Users can also add other HDR pictures to the video through the gallery, and finally get the Dolby image files generated by Clips.

Clips on the iPad can now use Apple Pencil to write in the text fields of labels and posters, and the new system’s handwriting function automatically generates recognized text. In addition, horizontal recording and editing have also been further supported, and can be quickly operated via a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse.

The new version provides a series of new sizes to record and create video content. The iPad will open 4:3 horizontal files by default, while the iPhone will open 9:16 vertical files. The user can re-select the video size when sharing, all of which can be checked for orientation during preview.

You can download Clips for free in the App Store.