Daddy’s Pocket | inCharge X – the 6 in1 Swiss Army Knife of Cables

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How many electronic devices are there around you? I have 3 mobile phones, 2 computers, 2 cameras, and 2 wireless earphones. They each have a different charging port. In the past, whenever I went out, I had to bring several wires to go out.

I have used the one-to-three data cable of the USB-A interface, and three kinds of charging ports are separated through the splitting port, but each port is difficult to achieve higher charging power and data transmission speed, and it is inconvenient to carry. A few days ago, I bought the Swiss Army knife inCharge X (Click here to buy it) with a charging cable, which really made my life easier.

One line supports 6 charging ports

For you who have a variety of charging cable needs, the inCharge X (Click here to buy it) six-in-one data cable is enough to meet you.

The metal shell on the two ends makes the connecting part feel very good. The magnetic design is very satisfying. The whole process is very clean and neat when it is adsorbed. When you want to open it, you can also open it with one hand.

The wire part is made of braided material. In daily use, there is no need to worry about the cable break due to angle and other issues like the silicone cable. It feels very durable.

The compactness of inCharge X (Click here to buy it) allows it to be hung directly on your keychain. It is unobtrusive, but once you need a cable, it will appear there, whether you want a USB-C, lightning or Micro-USB interface, It can save your urgent need.


The cable of inCharge X (Click here to buy it) is relatively short, so there is no big problem when used outdoors, but it is a bit embarrassing when the weight of the mobile power supply is not suitable to be held in the hand or connected to the socket for charging. If you need it, you can purchase a 1.5m extended version.

In terms of interfaces, it provides four types: USB-A, USB-C, Lightning and micro USB, covering 90% of the consumer-level smart device interfaces on the market, pluggable quick replacement and ultra-short design make it very suitable for portable outings Case.

In terms of transmission specifications, inCharge X (Click here to buy it) can withstand a large current of 3A, up to a power of 60W, and supports PD fast charging.

If it is used for data transmission, it is officially claimed that it can reach a rate of 480Mbps, which can transmit 2G in one minute. I did a simple test with Samsung T5 solid state mobile hard disk. I did file copy test and hard disk read and write speed test on Windows and Mac. It probably ran to 40MB/s, which is still a certain distance from the theoretical value. It was tested by ChipGenius software. The result is that the USB2.1 protocol was handshaked, and used as an emergency data copy. The speed of 40MB/s should be acceptable.

In general, a design like inCharge X takes into account ease of use and durability. I believe it will be your best choice.