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My family and I often buy some useful or novel products, so I hope to introduce these products through “Daddy’s Pocket” and share the experience with you. Of course, these products can also be bought in HandsomeDaddy’s store, and those who are interested can buy them directly, and we will arrange to ship them to you.

Cat pen holder to hold everything

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As a person who likes pets, I love the “Cat pen holder” the first time I saw it on Tiktok, mainly because of the contrast that the cute little body can “hold everything”.

“Hold the pen, please start your performance.”

The two feet and tail of the ‘Cat pen holder’ together form a three-point fixation at the bottom. The raised forefoot can easily hold various common pens, such as my Surface Pen; but if you want these cute cats to lift Click on other shapes, they can only be completed with two ears…

“Welcome to Pixel 5”

In addition, this kind of “cat pen holder” also provides a variety of varieties to choose from. In addition to the all-white and all-black I bought, there are other cat breeds to choose from. If you buy more than one, you can also let these cat pen holders interact with each other.

You will find that these cat pen holders can’t actually hold everything, after all, the body is weak, but as long as they are placed there, no matter what shape they are, what you can feel is healing and happiness.

Midori mechanical pencil “Adult’s Pencil” (大人の鉛筆)

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I have always used a physical pen and paper to write, so I would go to a stationery store when I was out to see new stationery products. This “adult’s pencil” is a new discovery I found out.

From the product shape, the “adult’s pencil” is a bit strange-it is a mechanical pencil, but the lead core used is the same as that of a normal pencil. The tip of the pen is gradually flattened as you write and needs to be sharpened again before use, so the pencil also comes with a special sharpener. Simply put, it is not like a mechanical pencil, but more like a traditional pencil with a mechanical pencil casing.

The pen shaft is a wooden pencil shaft, and the pen core is also the lead core of a traditional pencil

It is this product style that made me interested in “adult’s pencil”. Thanks to the design of the “traditional pencil case”, the experience of using “adult’s pencil” is infinitely close to traditional pencils. The thickness and strength of the nib are exactly the same as traditional pencils. If you use different angles and strengths when writing, you can write different thicknesses. The stroke of the pen is completely different from the mechanical pencil “no matter how thick it is used”.

When you sharpen the pen, you need to put the nib into the sharpener, and then turn the pen body, the powder will be collected in the belly of the sharpener. This is the most interesting part of using the “adult’s pencil”-you are clearly holding the shaft of a mechanical pencil in your hand, but you are sharpening a traditional pencil, and this action is really useful, you can’t do it.

Pencil sharpener

Of course, although the originality is peculiar, the “adult’s pencil” itself is a serious and easy-to-use product. Midori is equipped with HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, and red and blue refills. The thickness and functions are quite complete. It is useful for taking notes or writing accounts. In addition to its functions, the “adult’s pencil” is still a white pencil with a simple and versatile appearance. It is not ugly to put it anywhere. For those who love the feel of traditional pencils but feel that they are inconvenient to carry, the “adult’s pencil” is a useful and fun choice.