Developers made Windows 95 into software, it’s time to replay classic minesweeper and solitaire

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Windows 95 is a milestone in Microsoft’s operating system. The classic “Start” menu in the bottom left corner and “Klondike” games have been added to the Windows system since this generation. Now, Felix Rieseberg, the developer of the chat software Slack, has turned Windows 95 into an application that can run on macOS, Windows, and Linux. As long as you download and install it, you can experience this classic operating system on your computer.

Open the application and click “Start Windows 95” to enter the Windows 95 operation interface. Although this graphical user interface may seem a bit plain and monotonous now, it was still very advanced in 1995. The mouse operation is the same as Windows 10, except that the program opens a bit slowly after clicking the icon, which is not as smooth as the latest operating system.

The macOS version of the installation package is only 129 MB in size, but it can run all kinds of Windows 95 programs completely, and the memory footprint is only about 200 MB. After testing, Windows 95’s built-in programs such as WordPad, Minesweeper, Phone Dialer, MS Paint can all run normally, that is, the display page cannot be loaded after Internet Explorer is opened. The developer even added the “Insert Floppy Disk” function, which can be added. Files in .img format.

Since Microsoft removed several classic games built into the system after Windows 8, in addition to reminiscing about the familiar operation interface of Windows 95, you can also relive the classic mini-games that have accompanied us for many years in the system.

At present, the developer has released the source code and installation package of this project on Github. Those who want to experience the classic Windows 95 operating system can go to download.