Evernote desktop version updated, enhanced note search and editing functions

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Evernote recently adjusted the UI and released a new desktop client.

Compared with the previous different platforms in terms of interaction and appearance, the new Evernote desktop client uses the same UI vision based on the web page, which looks more modern, and finally you can manually adjust the default width of the note editing page. Make editing notes more convenient.

The search function has also been adjusted. Tags, attachments, PDFs, URLs, etc. are added to the search criteria, so it is more in-depth and more convenient than the previous note search.

In terms of note editing, the newly designed editor supports standardized font options, adding colors or marking with a highlighter, etc. The list can be indented, drag-and-drop reordered, etc.; the formatting toolbar has also been redesigned, the most commonly used options will be in the most conspicuous position, and there is no need to repeatedly search for options in the menu. The new insert button adds more rich content additions (photos, attachments, graffiti, etc.).

Although the new version of Evernote has been released, there are still some old features that are not available, including AppleScript, importing folders, editing note creation dates, etc. In the future, these features will gradually migrate to the new version. You can download and install it on the Evernote official website.