For the romance of game players, how to write a love letter in sheikah language?

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About sheikah language

In the game “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, there is a widely used fictional language-sheikah language. This type of text is a combination of oblique lines and squares. It is a kind of geometrically beautiful written text. It is basically 26 letter symbols, plus 9 number signs and 4 punctuation marks, which can correspond to the actual Interpretation of English letters and Arabic numerals.

This writing system was only seen on ancient relics such as the Temple, Shika’s Stone, Brave Guide Stone, and Shika’s Tower in the era of “Breath of the Wild”, but it is also because the ancient Shikas once possessed powerful The technology has been suppressed by the royal family, and these words have become difficult to interpret for the people of the current tribe. This has also led to the research scholars of the Shika tribe that there is still a lot of room to interpret the technology left by their ancestors.

For example, the text in the picture above is translated: Master Using it. And you can have this.

So, how to quickly write a love letter in sheikah language, please follow my steps:

1. Prepare what you want to write.

2. Open the online tool “sheikah language generator” with a browser, and put the content you want to write in the input box in the lower left corner. The effect is as shown above.

3. Check the vertical checkbox in the lower right corner to change the sheikah language to vertical, just like in the game.

4. If you take a screenshot at this time, you will find that the input box blocks part of the generated sheikah language. This problem is also prone to appear when there are more texts. Just click Change View-Full Page View in the upper right corner to display the generated text in full screen. At this time, the screenshot will not be blocked by the input box.

5. If you are not satisfied with the font size, you can also drag the font size in the lower right corner to adjust it. The final product is as shown in the figure below. Just send out this picture.

6. If your lover looks confused after seeing the picture, you can give a hint:

This is the text in the game “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”.
The reading order is: each sentence is read from top to bottom, and line breaks are from left to right.

7. If the other party still can’t understand it, you can send the corresponding relationship diagram of “sheikah language-English letters” that appears above for easy translation.

8. If the other party is too lazy to translate manually, you can use the English-sheikah language conversion tool to automatically translate. First, click on the icon of Hikka text, and then click Decrypt to see the result on the left.

Isn’t it easy? Get started now!