Fulguris: an open source browser based on the Chromium kernel that can block ads

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Fulguris Web Browser is an open source browser based on the Chromium kernel, and its predecessor was the excellent “Lighting Browser” at the time. Like Lighting, Fulguris is characterized by light weight, privacy protection, and open source. If you are tired of Chrome, perhaps such third-party browsers can better meet your needs.

The main interface design of Fulguris is not much different from Chrome. The window list and setting functions can be opened in the upper right corner. Like Chrome, Fulguris will adapt to the vertical and horizontal tabs and card panels according to the screen characteristics. According to the introduction, users will use Fulguris on the tablet computer or start the desktop mode of the system (such as Samsung Dex and Huawei EMUI Desktop). Matching the horizontal tab bar, and Fulguris provides a very complete keyboard shortcut support, making browsing the web on the large screen and desktop mode closer to the desktop browser.

In addition, Fulguris is also very user-friendly in the management of tabs and cards. It can achieve functions similar to workspaces or tab grouping through the “Sessions” in it, which greatly avoids the confusion caused by opening too many web pages.

Another main feature of Fulguris is privacy protection. It has a built-in ad blocker and supports user-defined local rule files or online rule hosting. In the privacy settings, we can also customize more content, such as WebRTC switch, refuse tracking, etc. Compared with Chrome, Fulguris can more easily control privacy options.

Another feature I like very much is the website’s control of third-party apps. For example, when we just want to use some websites to view content, they often want to call to open the app. This experience is not good, and Fulguris will prompt Whether the user allows the third-party App to be opened, the URL will also be registered, and the user can choose whether to allow the web page to call the App.

Fulguris also has many very clever and practical functions, as well as relatively rich customization options for the main interface layout and gesture operations. However, the localization of Fulguris is not complete, and many contents do not have Chinese fields.

If you want to try this browser, you can download it for free on Google Play, or click here to view the Fulguris open source project.