GameTrack 3: Track game progress for you

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  • Platform: iOS

We will always experience unique games on different platforms. GameTrack is an application that can help us integrate games and track progress. You can use it to record the games you are playing, have completed, and want to play.

The app supports connecting to PSN, Xbox or Steam to get your game information directly. You can also manually search in the app’s huge game database to find the game you want. When adding to the database, you can not only distinguish by the list, but also select the game’s platform, playing situation and other information to record the progress of the game in more detail.

GameTrack has quite powerful management functions. The database list has 4 attributes to choose from, and different attributes will have specific functions. For example, the “Backlog” used to record a purchased game can be selected when adding a game whether it is currently playing or the game to be played next. The game added to the “Archive” can be set to end the game, complete the achievement, or give up.

On the “Discover” page, not only can you manually search for games, but you can also discover new games based on the game’s release date, popularity, and even platform. If you often don’t know what games to play, I believe GameTrack’s “Discover” page can help you find more games worth playing.

It is worth mentioning that GameTrack also supports charts and social functions. The chart can help you understand your game preferences more intuitively, and the social function allows you to see what games your friends are playing recently and what new games they have discovered.

You can download GameTrack for free in the App Store. The app is charged by subscription, and the price is $0.99/month and $7.99/year. The advanced version can add more lists and enjoy richer custom settings.