Gudak Cam & Huji Cam: One-time camera simulator

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In my childhood memories, many small shops in parks will put disposable cameras for tourists to buy photos. Nowadays, with the popularization of digital equipment, disposable cameras are gradually forgotten in the long river of history.

Although Gudak Cam and Huji Cam are the works of two different developers, their names pay tribute to the two film giants, Kodak and Fuji respectively. In addition, Gudak also means “outdated” in Korean, while Huji is It is the Japanese pronunciation of Fuji.

The interface design of both restores the simplicity of a disposable camera, but their functional orientation is slightly different. Gudak focuses more on the experience of restoring the film. For example, you need to wait 3 days after shooting to see the finished product. After shooting a roll of film, you need to wait 1 hour to get a new film. After waiting for the development time, every photo you get is like a little surprise.

Compared with Gudak’s restoration of the film experience, Huji focuses more on restoring the experience of a disposable camera. For example, the viewfinder frame only has a little bit in the upper left corner, but when you put your eyes close to the viewfinder frame like using a camera, it will become larger, making it easier to shoot. Not only that, but the films taken by the application are also very disposable camera styles, such as random light leakage, the timestamp in the right corner, etc.

You can download Gudak Cam and Huji Cam in AppStore.