Halide Mark II: Probably the best professional camera app on iOS

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Halide Mark II continues Halide’s ingenious combination of ease of use and professionalism. This update optimizes the application as a whole, while simplifying operations, it also strengthens the RAW format related functions and exposure performance. Whether you are a photographer or a professional user, you can quickly get started with Halide and use it to take good-looking photos.

The new version has fine-tuned the interface. For example, the photo preview in the left corner is designed to fit more closely to the edge of the screen. In addition, the new version follows the design concept of “being away from interference”, hiding some functions and descriptions, and will automatically appear only when needed.

In the new version, Halide has added two new functions, “Overwrite” mode and Instant RAW, to the RAW format. These two functions are even the biggest feature update of the new version.

“Overlay” mode allows you to take a JPEG photo processed by Smart HDR and Deep Fusion and an unprocessed RAW photo at the same time. And Instant RAW is the “one-click retouching” function for the RAW format, which is used to solve the difficulty of RAW retouching and the incompatibility of some apps.

This update also adds color waveforms and zebra patterns for professional users to assist in exposure. The color waveform can be activated by clicking the histogram, and the zebra pattern switch needs to be swiped in from the right side of the screen, or click the “small ear” on the right side of the bangs to open the menu.

Halide Mark II adopts a subscription system. The current price is $9.99/year (the lifetime buyout price is $35.99). The official said that the price will be adjusted to $11.99/year in the future. Old users can use all the basic functions of Halide Mark II forever and get a 1-year subscription for free.

You can download it free in AppStore now.