How to download free Typora 2023?

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Needless to say, Typora is still the best markdown editor.

But many users find alternatives to Typora now because it announced to release a paid version about one year ago, and all beta version which is free cannot be used, unless upgraded to the paid version.

I also find other alternatives to Typora, like visual studio code and other online markdown editors. Are they the best alternatives to Typora? I don’t think so, because I have used Typora for many years, and cannot switch easily to other markdown editors – The alternatives are not efficient enough, and Typora is the real visualization markdown editor.

So I decide to pay for Typora, but at the same time, I find the free Typora. It’s not a modified version, it’s an old version installed on my old computer, and fortunately, I kept its installation package.


So if you also find a free Typora, you can try to download it here. But I’m not sure someday in the future it will also be asked to upgrade.