How to highlight important notes in the note app? Maybe you can mark it as unread

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There is no shortage of note-taking apps on iOS. Both the famous Bear and the rising star Noto have their own fans. Recently, the newly launched Spaces has also joined the “Melee” of the note-taking application. After the actual experience, Spaces left a good impression on me. Although its current performance is not amazing, if you are looking for a note-taking tool suitable for daily use, Spaces is still competent.

Spaces is not much different from similar apps in basic functions, and the operating experience is relatively smooth and smooth. On top of this, Spaces has introduced document classification and focus modes common in writing applications, as well as the “mark as unread” that can only be seen in various readers. These features also make Spaces unique.

Spaces’ document management adopts a hybrid mode of automatic classification + tags, and you can see a variety of automatic classifications it provides in the Spaces document directory. You can quickly filter out the “last 7 days” documents, or tag those “uncategorized” documents so that they can appear in the appropriate “Space”.

Another highlight of Spaces is that it can mark notes as “unread”, allowing you to see notes that need attention faster when browsing the note list. This function is very suitable for marking important notes that do not need to be repeated, such as temporary phone numbers and addresses.

Overall, Spaces is a note-taking tool with good experience. The development team also stated in the development plan that it will add watchOS App, note lock, and other functions as soon as possible, and believe that it can attract more users in the future.

You can download and experience Spaces for free in the App Store. The app supports iOS, iPadOS and macOS.