How to manually download the latest macOS Beta?

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Now Apple’s web page is no longer available for downloading the complete installation package. You can only download a configuration file for installation. Therefore, some people go to some unknown websites in order to download the complete installation package. In fact, this is completely unnecessary. For the most basic solution, as long as you reinstall this configuration file once, the system will prompt you to download the complete installation package, but if the download fails, you have to go through the process again from the beginning. So I get the script that calls to check for updates in the installation pkg, and then run the script directly every time.

First install Suspicious Package. Open the pkg file with this software, click the script icon of the third Tab to open the script panel, and find zopenmas.

Right-click and select Open with Finder.

Copy the displayed file to a convenient location, adjust its permissions and run:

chmod a+x zopenmas

Then you can see the software update window pop up, once the update error occurs, run the script again.