How to turn your phone into a teleprompter

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If you need to give a public speech, a teleprompter can help you both with the preparation phase and during the actual speech, as it can aid in quick familiarization with the content as well as serve as a helpful reminder. However, usually we wouldn’t invest in special equipment for just a few speeches, so using existing devices is a good alternative.

Teleprompter is an application that allows us to write scripts directly on our phone or import scripts from other devices. Teleprompter supports various file formats, such as .doc, .pdf, .txt, and others, and can fulfill most needs. Once the script is ready, Teleprompter can scroll through it sentence by sentence at a pace that we set, highlighting the current sentence, providing an effect similar to that of a teleprompter.


Moreover, Teleprompter also supports video recording, making it not just a teleprompter but also a recording device. We can record high-definition or ultra-high-definition videos while simultaneously viewing the script prompts on the top half of the screen. The final recorded video will not include the teleprompter content.


During recording with Teleprompter, we can also view the script content in real-time. If you need to record a relatively formal video, you can activate the script mirror mode on Teleprompter, and then use the phone’s rear camera for higher-quality recordings.

What’s even more convenient is that Teleprompter supports the use of Bluetooth keyboards, small remote controllers, and other devices to control the script playback for a better prompting effect. However, this feature requires payment to unlock.

If you happen to need such a tool, give Teleprompter a try. The application itself is free but comes with ads, and subscribing will remove the ads and provide access to more practical functions. You can download and use Teleprompter from the Play Store.