How to use Yandex to build a free personal domain email service?

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There are many benefits to having your own domain name mailbox. You can use it to repeatedly register for certain websites or services. If you are running a website or podcast, you can also use it to communicate with the audience.

It is very troublesome to set up a mail server by yourself. You need to solve many problems such as TOS, cumbersome construction, SPF and DKIM settings, not to mention the backup work that the server needs to maintain by itself.

I found that Yandex provides free personalized domain name service, the registration process is simpler and free.

What is Yandex

Yandex (Russian: Яндекс) is a Russian Internet company. Its search engine has a market share of more than 60% in Russia. It also provides a series of Internet products and services such as mailboxes and web disks.

Yandex Mail registration entrance:

Personal domain name mailbox application entrance: Connect Yandex

Advantages of Yandex domain mailbox compared with other similar services

  • Registration is much simpler than building it yourself
  • Maintained by large enterprises and service providers, no need to maintain by yourself
  • Free, and 1000 custom prefix mailboxes can be provided, 10G capacity per user
  • SPF and DKIM can be configured to reduce the chance of being certified as spam
  • There is no threshold for opening more email accounts after setting up

Step 1: Application and registration

Register Yandex email from here

You can choose to register with a phone number or set a security question.

Register domain email

Personal domain name mailbox application entrance: Connect Yandex, enter your top-level domain name registration.

The next step is to verify the ownership of the domain name. There are four ways:

  • Html files: put an html file with a specified name in the server root directory
  • Meta tag: add the specified meta header to the homepage of the website
  • Whois: Not recommended, because most whois are protected by merchants
  • DNS record: Add the specified TXT item to DNS resolution

For friends who don’t know how to build a website, the first two methods are destined to not work. They can only do dns records in the DNS management background. If you have your own website, the second option is the first choice, just add a meta header.

Let’s explain the setting method of DNS record. Enter the DNS background panel and click Add TXT record:

Name (host) fill in yandex-verification

Value Fill in the value given on the verification page, such as 5c10414be60d8631

After the verification is done, it is the process of waiting for the verification. This process may be as short as one day or as long as several months. Please be patient.

Step 2: Configure MX, SPF and DKIM records

Configure MX records

Enter the DNS management background and find the mail setting or the place where you can fill in the MX record. Name (Host) fill in @ or your top-level domain name, Value fill in, Priority fill in 10.

Wait for it to take effect.

Configure SPF and DKIM

SPF records help reduce the risk of emails sent from domain mailboxes being marked as spam, so it must be set. Enter the DNS management background and add a new TXT record. Name (Host) fill in @ or top-level domain name, Value fill in v = spf1 redirect = For more specific operations, please refer to the official website.

Using DKIM signatures, email recipients can verify that the message really came from the so-called sender. Enter the DNS management background and add a new TXT record. Name (Host) fill in mail._domainkey, Value fill in the text block in the “public key” copied in Yandex.Connect settings.

Public key acquisition address

For more specific operations, please refer to the official website

Wait for it to take effect.

Step 3: Customize the domain name mailbox prefix

If you have completed all the above steps and passed Yandex’s official verification, congratulations, you already have your own domain email. The next job is to simply set the prefix of the custom domain mailbox.

Enter here (Все сотрудники), click “Add” to add a user, and complete the domain name prefix and password settings.

After creation, return to the Yandex mail official website to log in, and fill in the information just created for the username and password. Remember to log in, because there is an agreement that needs to be agreed, and the domain name mailbox with the custom prefix can be opened after agreement.

Enjoy it!