Inoreader 6.5.2: Support reading notes and annotations

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As an Inoreader that has been an RSS service for many years, it has become more and more perfect. However, the lack of note-taking and annotation functions makes many users who like to take notes while reading dissatisfied. Recently, Inoreader has finally brought us note-taking and annotation functions. Just update the Inoreader application to version 6.5.2 or log in to the web to start using it.

Whether you subscribe to the Pro version or not, you can add notes while reading the article. On the web page, you need to move to the bottom of the article and click “Create Note” to start editing the note. The written note will be placed at the top of the article. On the mobile terminal, the note button is placed in the upper right corner of the screen, and the edited note will also be stored in the menu, which will not affect the reading of the main body of the article.

Inoreader cannot write notes for sentences or paragraphs. All notes can only be stored under the current article. If you want to write notes for certain sentences, you have to use the annotation function in the new version, which requires a subscription to the premium to use.

In terms of a presentation form, Annotation and Highlight are somewhat similar, and both will highlight the selected paragraph. However, the annotation will save the highlighted content to the top of the article (in the note and annotation menu on the mobile client), which is more convenient when you want to view it.

In addition, Inoreader has added a new filter rule “Annotated” to the new function, which is used to quickly filter out annotated articles.

You can download Inoreader for free in the App Store or Google Play.