Inure: Application Manager can also have this visual enjoyment

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In Android devices, a type of app called app manager will definitely be installed. With it, we can easily view API level, app architecture, and higher-permission app managers can even directly control broadcasters, permission settings, etc. Some well-known app managers are Skit, LibChecker, etc., they are all well-known products with relatively complete functions. Inure is not planning to compete with them in terms of functionality, but to win the focus with an incredibly smooth operation experience.

Inure is a fully open-source app and inherits the excellent tradition of open-source apps, such as actively adapting to Material You design, including full dynamic color picking that responds to the system color palette. All operations in the app have corresponding dynamic effects, such as in the setting interface, each setting item chart will smoothly move, and the setting list will fade out and pop up; clicking the toggle button, the little white dot will have a bouncing effect.

In addition, if there is a sliding operation in an option, Inure will also show the progress bar animation. To better tune these animations, Inure has also set aside an action option in the settings, where we can change the animation type, animation switch, and so on, the overall details are full to the point of overflowing.

Inure is not just a showpiece. It can also perform most of the functions available in Skit. It also provides terminal and shell command line support, although more comprehensive command line functionality may require root permission.

Interestingly, Inure allows users to input notes into the application, and the typing area is actually a text editor that supports formatting, such as bold, italic, adjusting colors, and even subscripts. According to the roadmap provided by the developers, Inure once planned to support audio playback, and will also improve its dedicated text editor in the future. This shows its ambition.

Overall, Inure gives me the impression that it is not just about appearance, but rather serves as a benchmark for other applications in terms of animation. It shows that not only is the style design important, but dynamic effects are also crucial. If you also want to experience this smooth animation application manager, you can download and install Inure from Google Play.