Iter helps you effectively dismantle big goals

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How many steps does it take to put the elephant in the refrigerator? Friends who are familiar with this brain teaser will surely be able to answer quickly. However, in real life, we are often faced with complicated affairs or secretly set up grand personal goals in our hearts. Once we lack planning and cannot effectively dismantle the goals, we will face protracted torture. . Iter is a small application that can help us disassemble goals and make plans.

In Iter, each project is embodied as a journey. After clicking Add, we can start to decompose goals and make plans. Iter currently supports splitting the content into two levels by default. Iter provides extremely detailed example projects to help users learn how to use the application. At the same time, this example is also a vivid education on how to perform task decomposition.

In addition to the most basic task decomposition, it is also essential to perform tasks on time. For each specific step, we can set a detailed reminder time. For steps that need to be repeated regularly, we can also customize the repetition period for the steps. Whenever we complete a small goal, we can check the corresponding goal To update the target status in time.

Iter is still in an early stage of development, and its settings are relatively simple at present, but it still supports simple operations such as changing the project background and switching themes. You can download and use Iter through the Play Store.