Like Garage Band, music can also be created on Android phones

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Even if you don’t understand music, I believe you have come into contact with Garage Band, a powerful music creation app. It can simulate pianos, electronic organs, drums, guitars, bass and many other instruments, and you can also record songs and edit tracks. It can be said that with this app, you are a band yourself. In fact, there is such a veteran music creation app on Android. Although it is not as well-known as Garage Band, it is also quite powerful in terms of functionality.

If you have played Garage Band before, then this app called “Walk Band” is not difficult for you to get started, the operation method is similar to it, and the interaction logic is very intuitive and easy to understand. At present, the Walk Band supports the creation of four musical instruments: keyboard, drum set, guitar, and bass. Each instrument also has very rich expansion options. For example, we can use the keyboard to simulate an acoustic piano, electronic piano or even a music box, or use a drum set to create HipHop style music.

In addition to analog instruments, the Walk Band also has two creative functions, namely multi-track editing and drum machine. The former can import internal or external soundtracks to edit and generate complete music. The latter turns the phone into a LaunchPad. We can combine the rhythms of different instruments and different timbres by clicking on different squares to generate a variety of complex and changeable rhythms. Drums.

If none of these can meet your needs, the Walk Band can also pay to unlock more instrument plug-ins, and provide external keyboard extensions, and a music square is built in the app to facilitate users to upload their works and share them with others. If you are also interested, you can go to Google Play to download it for free. Walk Band is included in the Google Play Pass program, and subscription members will automatically unlock paid content.