Liquid Teardown: Make charging no longer boring

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  • Platform: Android

All mobile phone brands are showing their muscles in fast charging. At the same time, in order to let users better perceive, the charging animation in the system is also showing the coolness of their own technology. However, if you use a native/quasi-native system, or a mobile phone such as Samsung or OnePlus, you will not experience the “fun” of biceps.

The Liquid Teardown App can display AOD animation when the phone is charging, which is its only function. However, as a beautification tool, Liquid Teardown also has a certain feature, that is, it provides a simple-stroke style “perspective view” for different models. The positions of all components are almost one-to-one corresponding to the inside of the device. It can be said to be a “transparent exploration version”. Charging AOD. Just like the description of “Liquid” in the App name, after activation, the battery area will dangle like a bottle of liquid. As the battery power increases, the height of the liquid will increase. Of course, you can also customize the liquid and font color.

At present, Liquid Teardown has built-in “perspective views” of some models using OLED screens among the three brands of Samsung, OnePlus, and Google Pixel. Of course, other models can also be used, and more device support will be added in the future. However, pay attention to the burn-in risk of OLED when using it. Liquid Teardown will reduce the brightness during AOD, but we still need to pay attention to the screen brightness and duration of the machine itself.

If you also want to try this game-playing beautification tool, you can download Liquid Teardown for free on Google Play and pay to unlock the usage limit and follow-up new feature support.