Mac OS 8: Let you experience the Mac operating system 20 years ago

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Two years ago, the developers of Slack made Windows 95 an application that can run on multiple desktop platforms, allowing you to experience the past of Windows. Recently, the developer made Mac OS 8.1 an Electron application, taking you back to the 1990s and experiencing the Mac system at that time.

The application simulates the Macintosh Quadra 900 released in 1991. This computer is considered by many to be the first real Mac desktop. The Motorola processor it carries is the CPU that Apple used before the transition to PowerPC.

In Mac OS 8 applications, developers have built-in beta versions of many software and games for the experience. These include professional tools such as Photoshop and Illustration, and classic games such as Civilization II and Dungeons and Dragons. These software and games only play a role in the experience and basically do not have practical value. In actual experience, in addition to “Civilization II” which always crashes and prompts to restart, it cannot run normally, other software and games can basically run normally.

It is worth mentioning that you can transfer files between the local machine and the virtual machine, just click the “Help” button at the bottom to see how to operate. Although a web browser is built into the virtual machine, it does not support networking and can only be used for experience operations.

If you are interested in the Mac OS 8 application, you can view the source code or download on GitHub. The application supports Windows, macOS and Linux.