Microsoft begins to recommend Edge browser on Win10 taskbar

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After the Outlook website, “Start” menu, and Windows search, Microsoft has found a new “ad slot” for its Chromium Edge browser. But what many people didn’t expect was that even Windows 10’s “task bar” was inevitable this time. It is reported that if the user device has installed the Windows 10 2020 October update and fixed the Chromium Edge icon to the taskbar, it is possible to see the following pop-up notification.

Windows Latest pointed out that even if the browser is already running in the background, a pop-up ad will pop up suddenly on the Windows 10 taskbar, suggesting that users “return to browse directly from the taskbar”.

It is not clear whether this issue is a bug introduced in the Windows 10 2020 October update, but if you want to ignore it, it can be easily solved.

● The first method is to click the right mouse button to “unpin” the Chromium Edge taskbar icon directly.

● The second method is to go to “Settings -> System -> Notifications and Actions”, and then turn off the “Tips and Suggestions” option.

Windows Latest quoted sources who wish to remain anonymous as saying that Microsoft is investigating this unexpected behavior and may soon bid farewell to this pop-up harassment.

It is reported that when users are already using Microsoft Edge on Windows, they shouldn’t have seen such notifications. However, due to some reasons, Microsoft failed to detect that Edge has been opened, and the pop-up behavior was triggered randomly.