NextGam: One-stop game information tracking tool

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We may not realize that games have become an indispensable part of our lives. We can experience a different kind of life in games and realize our imaginations. That’s why we have a passion for games and are full of expectations. Of course, when we encountered a game like 2077, we were delayed and abused, but we looked forward to the release date. NextGam, a game tracking App, can make you more “pain” and “happy”.

As a game-related App, NextGam uses a classic gray-red collocation, with a futuristic design. Thanks to the Flutter framework, NextGam is silky to operate, and the animation effects cover almost all scenes, exquisite but not fancy.

​In terms of content, NextGam provides three sections: homepage, discovery and attention. The homepage displays the upcoming or already-released games in chronological order from new to old; the discovery section can filter and search for games according to conditions such as popularity, time, type, platform, etc. Users who don’t know what to play can find here that matches their preferences Games; the follower section lists your watched games. For example, I really want to know the release of Cyberpunk 2077, so you can click “Follow” on the game details page.

Then the game details page further displays game information, including supported platforms, introductions, developers, and media content such as game videos and screenshots. Similar games will be recommended at the bottom according to relevance.

Unfortunately, at present, NextGam can only focus on games that have not yet been released. If a game has been released, it does not support joining the watch list for the time being. Maybe NextGam is still positioned for new game tracking. If this part of the function can be improved in the future, maybe NextGam can become a private game recorder and butler tool.

If you also want to track your favorite games, you can download NextGam for free on Google Play and App Store.