Pomodorino: a cute Pomodoro app

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  • Platform: Android

I believe most people know the Pomodoro Technique, and there are countless tools developed around the Pomodoro Technique. Similar to other Pomodoro applications, the Pomodorino introduced today still uses the Pomodoro Technique as its main working principle.

Pomodorino uses a cute tomato as the “mascot”. Depending on the Pomodorino time set by the user, the color and expression of the small tomato will change accordingly. The longer the time, the brighter the tomato color and the expression will follow. The more cheerful, it can be seen that this application encourages users to set a longer focus time.

Similar visual designs are also spread all over the application. When the user is focusing, as the focus time approaches, the tomato will turn from green to red and gradually mature, and any exit from the application during this period will cause the tomato to die; With the increase in the number of user attention, Pomodorino will also add a variety of tomatoes to the basket, which is quite fun to collect badges or draw blind boxes. Of course, the basket will also include rotten tomatoes that have failed to plant.

Pomodorino currently does not support the application whitelist function. Even if it is returned to the desktop for a short time, it will cause tomato planting to fail. Such strict “planting” requirements may make people feel a little limited. This important tool has invaded our lives in an all-round way, and we hope that developers can add a whitelist function in the future to allow users to answer calls from important contacts.

Finally, as a feature-specific Pomodoro app, Pomodorino allows users to log in to their account to synchronize their focus progress, and view past usage statistics anytime, anywhere. It also allows users to directly use all functions anonymously, which minimizes The restriction on user data and the fact that it is not mandatory to log in to the account is quite favorable. The developer also placed a selected Spotify playlist in the app as an easter egg, which we can use as background music for focusing.

You can download and use Pomodorino through the Play Store.