Press: A Markdown editor that attempts to match Bear

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As a note-taking application that can only be used in the Apple ecosystem, Bear is widely acclaimed for its ease of use and beauty. Of course, there is no shortage of excellent applications such as Pure Writing and Coke Ke on Android. As a work of a personal developer, Press bluntly stated that it wanted to follow Bear at the beginning of its development. Nearly a year has passed. Let’s take a look at the current performance of Press.

Despite claiming to pay tribute to Bear, Press is positioned more like an editor than a note-taking application. Its note management function is very weak, and the most basic “delete” function is not available, let alone the top and sort functions. As an editor, Press does not support the quick input of symbols in similar applications, the withdrawal and redo functions. To put it bluntly, for a year, Press has been in a state of stubbornly polishing its functions.

But Press is not without its advantages. Its interface color scheme is elegant and beautiful, which perfectly reproduces Bear’s “Dracula” theme. In addition, because of the main “What You See Is What You Get”, Press can better present the text content, and the corresponding Markdown syntax can be highlighted to facilitate users to correct errors in time. In the editing interface, you can launch the editing interface by holding down any position to pull down or slide up. The whole process is extremely comfortable. It can be seen that the developer is really polishing it.

In the recent update, Press has added the option of syncing via GitHub. Considering that this feature is still in a state of development and perfection, it is not recommended to rely too much on this feature.

In general, Press received a high level of attention at the beginning of its release, but the slow development progress made users suspect that the developer was drawing a big pie while waiting. Just recently, the developer has restarted active updates. Interested readers may wish to pay attention to this app. Currently, we can download and experience Press through the Play Store or the app’s GitHub page.