Raindrop.io 5: Maybe your best bookmark management tool

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  • Platform: Browser extension / iOS / Android

Raindrop is a well-known bookmark management service, which has attracted many users with its excellent bookmark management experience. Recently, it released a major version update of 5.0, which brought better browser plug-ins and some useful new features.

The new version optimizes the startup speed of the browser plug-in and can create bookmarks more quickly. Not only that, but the suggested label has also been modified. It is no longer stacked in the input box as before, but is placed under the input box and needs to be manually selected to fill it. Unfortunately, due to API issues, Safari is temporarily missing the new version of the plug-in.

Raindrop 5.0 optimizes the search experience, and now search results will be displayed in real time as the content is entered. Simply put, when you enter text, the search results will be updated in real time with the input content. In addition, this update also hides the filters so that they will only be displayed when you search.

This update also made minor adjustments to the bookmark interface. First of all, you can finally adjust the width of the sidebar, just drag the edge to adjust it, or even hide it. At the same time, you can also quickly arrange folders in the sidebar by multiple selection, dragging, etc., making it more convenient to manage bookmarks.

If you are a Pro version user, Raindrop 5.0 is also optimized for multi-level folders. Now, as long as you click on the first-level folder, you can see the bookmarks of other folders under that folder on the right, and they will be distinguished by the folder in which they are located.