Recommended TWS sports earbuds – Coumi TWS817k review

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At the end of last month, I bought a new pair of TWS earbuds from Amazon. Why buy a new pair of earbuds? Because I made a running plan for myself, and I don’t want to have only the sound of wind in my ears when I run. Instead, I have to come to some rhythmic music, which will make me forget the lack of running energy, but immerse myself in music. Therefore, I wanted to buy a pair of TWS earbuds that can be used for sports. After comparison, I chose Coumi TWS817k because of its super waterproof performance.

Coumi TWS817K review by

Packaging and appearance

What I bought is a black TWS817K, and there are pink and white options on Amazon. The packaging box is designed in black and contains a pair of earbuds, a charging box, an accessory box, a manual, and a quick start guide.

Coumi TWS817K review by

In the accessory box are a pair of small silicone ear tips and a pair of large silicone ear tips. This is very important for in-ear earbuds because you cannot be sure whether the default ear tips can make you feel comfortable.

There is also a Micro USB charging cable in the accessory box. Unfortunately, it does not support Type-C charging cables, which means I need to bring an extra cable when traveling or on business trips.

Coumi TWS817K review by


The charging case of earbuds is flat, you can see two earphones after flipping up. You can easily remove the earphones and put them back in the box for charging. The size of the charging case is not large, so you can easily stuff it into the small pocket of jeans.

Coumi TWS817K review by

Connect and use

Coumi TWS817K uses Bluetooth 5.0 connection, which means that it is guaranteed in terms of connection speed and stability. Coumi TWS817K Earbuds also provides Google FastPair and One-step pairing, you can easily connect with your smartphone.

After connecting, you can easily see your headset information and the current remaining power in the Bluetooth connection list.

After the first setting, you only need to open the charging box in the future, the earphones and the mobile phone will be quickly connected, and you will hear the language prompt “Power on, connected!” in the earphones.

The accompanying manual is the description of the earphones and charging box, as well as the touch and connection guide. It is very intimate to provide English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian and German in six languages. Usually, the manual can forget its existence after you first understand it and connect it to the mobile phone. The quick start guide recommends that you keep it for a long time because Coumi TWS817K has rich touch functions. When you click once, click twice, click three times, and long press on Coumi TWS817K, it will correspond to different operations, even you can use it to wake up Siri or Google Assistant. You need some time to familiarize yourself with these operations, and the pictures in the quick start guide will help you very well.


Sports experience

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, why should I buy Coumi TWS817K? Because I want to use it when I exercise, and I usually sweat a lot when running, so waterproof is my main consideration. The Coumi TWS817K has reached an amazing IPX7 level. This is what impressed me the most. Secondly, I need in-ear earbuds. After all, I don’t want to get rid of one of my earphones while running.

The real experience fully met my expectations. In my two-week continuous running test, the Coumi TWS817K did not stop working because of my sweat, and it did not fall off due to violent shaking.

IPX7-compliant earbuds can make you who love sports have enough confidence in it, but it is still recommended that you restore the earphones to a dry state after each exercise, and then put them back into the charging box. This is also a kind of maintenance for sports earphones.


The Coumi TWS817K can play music for up to 6 hours. When the charging box has 100% power, it can play for up to 22 hours. It can meet the needs of various scenarios, even after running a marathon, the music in earphones will not stop. It only takes 2 hours to complete the charging of the charging box.

Sound quality

Because it is earbuds, we have to talk about sound quality. Coumi TWS817K uses AAC High Sound Quality. I’m not a music enthusiast, but I think this is enough because as a sports earbuds, you should not demand what the sound quality should be.

However, it is worth mentioning that you can download the COUMI EQ App from Google Play or App Store. After the earbud is connected to the mobile phone, you can use the App to generate your own equalizer curve.

Coumi TWS817K review by

Used in work and life

Another benefit of in-ear earbuds is that they isolate external sounds. After wearing headphones, your world is only left, the music in your ears and what you are doing right now. So I also use it at work, because it makes me more focused. But the Coumi TWS817K can’t achieve noise reduction, it just indiscriminately isolates external sounds, so if you want to filter some external sounds in a targeted manner, then what you need is a noise reduction headset.

In general

This is a pair of very cost-effective earbuds for me. The rich features, long battery life, and the most important thing is its super waterproof ability, which makes me think this is recommended earbuds.