Reeder 5 update, including free “RSS subscription service”

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  • Platform: iOS / macOS

As the “veteran” RSS reader on iOS / macOS, Reeder has been sought after by many users. After more than a year, Reeder announced its 5.0 update, which brings new features such as iCloud subscription synchronization and desktop widgets.

The most eye-catching feature of Reeder 5.0 is iCloud sync subscription, which is equivalent to a free “RSS subscription service” built into the app. Similar to RSS services such as Feedly and Inoreader, you need to create an account and only synchronize the feeds under that account.

Since iCloud does not have an RSS crawling service, the content crawling of RSS will be completed locally and synchronized to iCloud. In other words, iCloud will not only synchronize the content of the feed, but also the most recent unread articles.

In addition, the “mark read while scrolling” function that many users just needed is finally launched in Reeder 5. To put it simply, this feature is that when we browse the titles in the article list, the articles that slide across the top of the screen are automatically marked as read.

This function can only be set for the account at present, and it works on all the feeds under the account. You only need to open “Mark as read on scroll” in the account settings to open it. Currently, it does not support separate settings for feeds. It is a little bit inflexible. I hope that in future updates, we can enable this feature for feeds separately.

In addition to the two updates mentioned above, Reeder 5 also fully adapts to the design language of iOS 14 and adds home screen widgets. At the same time, Reeder also supports adding tags to articles that are being read later to further enhance the management capabilities of reading later.

You can buy Reeder 5 from the App Store or Mac App Store, the iOS / iPadOS version is priced at $4.99, and the macOS version is priced at $9.99.