Say goodbye to duplicate content, the well-known RSS service Inoreader launches deduplication function

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If you subscribe to multiple feeds in the same field in RSS, you will find that when a major event occurs, almost all the media are reporting on it. At this time, your inbox will be filled with articles introducing the same event. The content of these articles is almost identical, and reading it repeatedly will waste a lot of time.

There is a lot of duplicate content in the article list

Although Inoreader relies on its powerful filtering function to achieve article de-duplication in some cases, the effect is still not ideal. But recently, Inoreader has launched “Duplicate Filters” based on the backend. The new filters can not only effectively remove duplicates, but they can even be used for multiple terminals with only one setup.

Note: Duplicate Filters function needs to subscribe to the Pro version.

How to set up Duplicate Filters

The steps to open Duplicate Filters in Inoreader are very simple. Duplicate Filters are currently supported on the web and the latest mobile apps. You only need to open the attribute setting interface of the folder or feed to see the “Duplicate Article” switch.

After opening it, you can select the articles to be filtered out of the three options from the same URL, the same title, and the similar title. In the “Advance Settings”, you can also adjust the filtering period, the shortest support filtering articles within 6 hours, up to 1 month. Inoreader will only eliminate duplicate articles in the cycle for you.

Among them, under the “Title Similar” category, you can also set the detection sensitivity. In order to avoid “injury” articles with similar titles but completely different content. In the actual experience, even if the sensitivity is set to “loose”, the phenomenon of “injury” is not easy to appear, but it can block more articles that may be the same.

After setting up Duplicate Filters, Inoreader will remind you how many identical articles have been hidden. Since Duplicate Filters is based on the back-end filtering function, even if you usually use a third-party client such as Reeder, you can also enjoy the de-duplication of Duplicate Filters.

How Duplicate Filters Experience

From the actual experience, Duplicate Filters have a certain de-duplication effect, but they cannot completely avoid duplication. However, Duplicate Filters can still filter out duplicate content more accurately when dealing with some repetitive reports. When the filter rule is set to “similar title” and the sensitivity is “loose”, the filtering performance will be better.

Actual filtering effect

Although Duplicate Filters is not perfect, but its performance is already very good. I also look forward to the continuous improvement of Duplicate Filters in the future, with higher deduplication efficiency.

You can download the latest version of Inoreader on the App Store or Google Play, or experience Duplicate Filters on the web. This feature requires a subscription to the Pro version.