Sketch 70: An interface update for macOS Big Sur

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Based on macOS Big Sur, which brings a new interface design style, as an essential design tool on macOS, Sketch also ushered in the v70 version update simultaneously. In this update, there are not many functional updates, but the newly designed interface is the most conspicuous.

In this update, Sketch adopts a UI balance strategy: it will not make users who still insist on using macOS 10.15 feel abrupt, and at the same time feel the surprise of interface changes when using it on macOS Big Sur.

Specifically, the default toolbar has been changed most obviously. The tool with the highest frequency of use by default has been adjusted to the toolbar. At the same time, a new notification icon has been added to the upper right corner of the window. Any notification messages will be collected and processed here. Of course, you can still manage your favorite tools as before.

At the same time, the highlight color of the Inspector has changed to orange, which matches the current Sketch theme color (you can still modify it in the preferences), but it is more obvious that some tools in the toolbar have been moved to the Inspector. For example, the scale tool has been moved to the Inspector, which actually improves efficiency to a certain extent. In other words, this change distinguishes the attributes of the two tool areas more clearly.


Although Apple introduced SF Symbols in macOS Big Sur to facilitate the construction of application icons, in fact, SF Symbols are not used on Sketch 70 because SF Symbols still cannot meet the design requirements.

Therefore, all the icons on Sketch 70 have been redesigned as new vector graphics. At the same time, they have the style of Big Sur and have a certain smoothness. Of course, Sketch still hopes to use SF Symbols in the future, but it depends on Apple. Make further improvements.

Compared with the visual changes, the functional changes are not much in v70. Now you can select the data source as a new layer to insert in the Insert menu. When you select the layer that uses the data, you can see the new layer in the inspector. Data icon, click the icon to refresh or use a new data source.

At the same time, a repeat grid function similar to Adobe XD is added in this update. Select two or more layers and drag the new handle in the lower right corner of the selected content. This function is very suitable for use in page design. Under the scene of repeated components.

You can read the Sketch blog for details of this update.

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