The best way to streaming Windows Audio to AirPlay receivers 2023

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Compared to the Windows platform, Apple does have a better experience in audio and video. For example, we can push the audio stream currently playing on the iPhone, iPad, or Mac in real-time to the audio device that supports AirPlay, which is more convenient than using Bluetooth pairing.

AirPlay audio streaming

But this kind of “audio streaming” only has better native support in the Apple ecosystem. Similar streaming solutions (such as DLNA) support limited equipment, and most of them cannot be as smooth as Airplay.

Is there a way to push the audio stream currently being played by Windows to AirPlay receivers?

After some tests, I finally found such a very useful LAN tool in Windows: TuneBlade.

After the installation starts, TuneBlade will first scan the speaker devices that support AirPlay in the local area network and display them in the operation list, and then push the stream operation: continue to play your audio normally on Windows, and then select it from the device list in TuneBlade If you want to push the speaker and click the Play button above, then the volume control in the Windows taskbar will become “mute” status. Wait a few seconds, your speaker can hear the previous Windows computer The audio is playing now.


You can download and experience this app for free on the TuneBlade official website. The free version has limited functions, and the full version requires $9.99 to unlock.