The most convenient unit conversion app, from the developers of Flamingo and Buzzkill

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Recently, Sam Ruston, a well-known developer of the Android platform, released a new unit conversion application: Unit Lab. The well-known Android applications Flamingo, Buzzkill, etc. are all developed by Sam Ruston. The applications he develops not only follow the platform design specifications but also fully incorporate the developer’s personal design concepts. It can be said to be a good-looking and easy-to-use model.

Unlike most unit conversion tools, Unit Lab emphasizes customization. For different users, the data that needs frequent conversion is usually different. Unit Lab allows users to completely customize the application function interface.

We can add the units that we need to convert frequently to the home page of the app, and switch easily without having to search again every time. Common conversion units such as currency exchange rates, weight, length, time, temperature, and even common kitchen units have everything. For each unit of measurement, Unit Lab also supports adding or swiping left and right to delete. The logic is simple and easy to use.

In addition, the developer also has a unique design for the number area of ​​the application. Long press the number key to pop up the corresponding tens and hundreds of digits. Long press the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division symbols to pop up commonly used conversion values ​​to improve input efficiency.

At the same time, by dragging the small horizontal bar of the input area, the size of the input area can be freely changed to adapt to different usage habits.

In general, Unit Lab, as a small tool with simple functions, guarantees a smooth user experience and a pleasing design interface while completing its own work. It is very worth downloading and using. At present, you can download and use Unit Lab through the Play Store. The app is priced at $1.49. It is currently in the period of limited free shelves.