This webpage tailoring tool makes Notion easier to use

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Notion is an excellent digital productivity tool that provides an easy-to-use and efficient experience in task management and knowledge integration. With rich templates, strong user experience, and excellent community, more and more people fall in love with this “Second brain”.

With the increase in the number of users, Notion-related third-party tools have also sprung up quickly. And Save to Notion, a third-party tool, can improve web page tailoring efficiency for you.

Notion also has its own Notion WebClipper plug-in that is responsible for cutting and inserting web pages. It not only supports cutting web pages into Databases and Pages in the browser, but also can be easily cut on the mobile terminal.

Notion WebClipper (left) vs. Save to Notion (right)

The Save to Notion I would recommend today is similar to the official WebClipper function, but has the following three new features.

1. Rich configurable items
Save to Notion can not only specify the Workspace and Database, but also select preset templates, icons, background images, and other page property configuration options.

Rich optional features

The biggest use of this is that not only is the article or web page itself tailored, some basic tags can be added directly, without the need to open Notion to add them separately.

The default attribute content in the red circle can be directly updated in Save to Notion

2. Multiple custom tailoring rules
Different web content, you can add different tailoring rules (Form) to facilitate the next tailoring. For example, minority articles can be placed on the “Reading List” page, and papers can optionally be placed on the “Research Base” page. The configuration in different rules can also be completely customized.

3. Link support
When the webpage is tailored, you can select the database (Relation Field) corresponding to the link, including the newly launched backlinks recently. This feature enhances the functionality of the tailored page, making the connection between Notion pages closer.

You can select the corresponding database

You can get Save to Notion in the Chrome Store or Firefox Add-on. It is worth mentioning that the developers are currently updating the corresponding plug-ins of Edge and look forward to supporting Edge in the future.