Turn Apple Watch into a mini Macintosh

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I believe that many loyal fans of Apple, like me, like to collect some old Apple products. Personally, I especially like the iPod series and Mac series. It’s okay if it’s a popular product like iPod classic, and it can be found on the second-hand market occasionally, but Mac series products are hard to find, even if they are found either in poor quality or at a higher price than expected.

However, an accessory company called Elago has made a very interesting dock-put your Apple Watch in, and you will have a mini Macintosh! Of course, I also bought one. Learn More about it.

Macintosh was released in 1983, but Apple’s commercials produced in 1984 made it completely popular in the United States. And this Apple Watch base cleverly reproduces the classic shape of the Macintosh, and there is a groove on the back of the base so that the magnetic charging head can be hidden behind. The whole bracket is made of soft silicone material, so there is no need to worry about scratches. When the Apple Watch is put in, it can enter the bedside clock mode while charging. It is very delicate and interesting on the table or beside the bed!

You can buy it on Amazon. It is a small product that can enhance the taste of life.