What is 1password? Why do I need a password management tool?

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1password is a well-known password management tool. I started thinking about buying a password management tool last year.

Not all of my digital devices are from Apple, so Apple’s keychain service can only be enjoyed on the iPhone, but I also have a windows computer and an Android phone. So in the past, I basically used Chrome password recording function + iPhone keychain + brain to record passwords.

Most of the time, I use my brain, so the passwords for most websites and services are the same.

I can also use Chrome to generate a complex password and remember it, but when I want to log in to this website on Safari on the iPhone, I cannot enter the password quickly.

For work reasons, I have a lot of Gmail. As we all know, the password memory function of Chrome follows Gmail, so it is possible that when I log out of the main Gmail account on Chrome, I registered a service account, but this The password of the account was recorded in which Gmail I didn’t know, which caused me to be unable to find it when I wanted to use it later.

So I began to wonder if I should record all these passwords in one place, such as Excel, and then encrypt them and save them in the cloud. Thinking about it, I started looking for such a password management tool. Sure enough, I found 1password.

There are many similar password management tools, in addition to 1password, there are also LastPass, KeePass and so on. For comparison between these, there are many articles on the Internet that can be compared, but I finally chose 1password. Although it is the most expensive, I think it may also be the best to use.

So for me, 1password can solve several of my problems:

1. There are too many passwords that need to remember. If I can’t remember, I can only use the same password, which makes it even more insecure.

2. The problem of multi-platform password synchronization can be independent of the iPhone keychain or Chrome’s Gmail account.

1password is divided into personal account and family account. The price of personal account is $2.99/month, and the price of family account is $4.99/month. Both need to be paid annually. The difference between family accounts is that 5 accounts can be included at the same time. For me, the current personal account is enough, of course, it is also possible to invite 5 trusted friends to form a family account.

When I bought 1password, I found a promotional link for canva to give 1 year 1password family account for free, but it has expired, so I used some methods to get a new discount, which can be deducted 20 dollars, no matter it is Either a personal account or a family account can be deducted.

For 1password, I can continue to share more in the future.