Which iPhone 12 or iPad Air accessories are worth buying?

Apple has released a series of new products such as iPhone 12 and iPad Air 4 in two consecutive months of press conferences. I believe that many people have upgraded their Apple devices recently. The changes in appearance and hardware upgrades also make everyone buying After new products, you need to purchase a new batch of accessory products.

Here are a few types of accessories that are suitable for buying new products. It coincides with Black Friday. Many products can be purchased at low prices. It is a good time to buy accessories.

Fast Charger

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This year’s 4 iPhone did not include a charging head in the package, but a USB-C to Lightning charging cable was provided, so even if you had a lot of old iPhone charging heads at home before, it’s useless. But I believe everyone is fed up with the snail-like charging speed in the past. Although Apple’s 18W PD fast charge is not as fast as the Android manufacturer, it is better than none. If you have never bought a USB-C fast charger before, this is a good opportunity.

I recommend JSAUX’s 20W mini charger. It is about the same size as Apple’s charger but supports up to 20W charging power. Whether it is fast charging for iPhone or powering MagSafe wireless charging board, it meets the full-speed power requirements.

Wireless Charging Mat

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If you have both iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, which can wirelessly charge electrical devices, then having a “three-in-one” wireless charging pad will make the desktop much cleaner.

If you have two mobile phones, the ZENS Liberty 16 Coil Dual Wireless Charging Pad can meet your needs for charging AirPods and two mobile phones at the same time. The surface of the charging board is made of more textured cowhide material, which can effectively promote air circulation and reduce heat.

And if you want to charge the Apple Watch as well, SLICECHARGE 3 WATCH EDITION can not only charge two Qi protocol devices (such as iPhone and AirPods) but also provides a special location for charging the watch.

Storage Padfolio with Tablet Sleeve

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Now when you are traveling with digital devices, you also need to bring various accessories such as chargers and data cables. If these accessories are scattered in the bag, they will not only look messy but also inconvenient to find. The tomtoc Portfolio Case is like an enhanced inner bag. The hard EVA material can withstand squeezing. In addition to the iPad Air, it also provides a place to store data cables, card readers, chargers and even mobile hard drives. , Use the elastic band to fix these accessories in the storage bag in an orderly manner. The tomtoc Portfolio Case is divided into Lite version and pro version. The thickness of the pro version is increased by 13mm. It can be put into the original charger, Logitech K380 Bluetooth keyboard and other accessories. Store all digital accessories in one place.

USB-C docking station

The new iPad Air 4 is not only closer to the iPad Pro in appearance, but also the charging port and Lightning have been replaced with USB-C, which also brings more expandability to the iPad Air, such as reading the U disk while charging. As more and more computers and mobile phones begin to use the USB-C interface, there are many types of USB-C docking stations on the market, and these docking stations can basically be used on the iPad Air.

You can start from actual needs. For example, the most commonly used functions may only read SD cards, USB flash drives, and charging functions. HDMI output and other functions are hardly needed, so you can choose a docking station with fewer ports when purchasing. In order to avoid the situation that the docking station hangs in the air when the iPad is used horizontally, some manufacturers have also specially introduced a docking station that adapts to the iPad. After plugging in, the docking station can be fixed on the edge of the screen. But everyone needs to pay attention when choosing this kind of docking station. Although the iPad Air and iPad Pro look very similar, the former is 0.2mm thicker than the latter. Therefore, if you want to buy a special-shaped docking station designed for iPad, it is best to understand compatibility issues in advance.