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How to make the windows of Windows applications always be on top, how to turn on the video picture-in-picture mode on Windows, can I make the windows become transparent, semi-transparent and dark mode?

Although Windows is a mature desktop operating system, there has been no official function support for these personalized efficiency requirements such as the above. Most of the time we have to rely on software to adapt itself.

If you often encounter similar needs, WindowTop should be very suitable for you.

WindowTop basic functions

Window on top

The main function of WindowTop is to make any window of Windows always be on top.

By default, after we let WindowTop work in the background, you can see a drop-down button above the ordinary application window, and you can see the three function buttons of WindowTop when you hover the mouse. The middle button is the “window on top” function. We can click the button to make the window of this application always on top, achieving an effect similar to “pinning” the window to the desktop.

For working with the content of a certain application or frequently switching between certain application windows, the function of using WindowTop to pin the window to the top of the desktop is indeed very useful. For example, we can often place To Do tools, memos, or other frequently used applications on the top, so that we can work more conveniently and quickly, without having to repeatedly jump across multiple windows.

Set window transparency

Another important function of WindowTop is the setting of “transparency” for any window. For some developers, the “transparent code editor” is a nice-to-have feature both from the aesthetic point of view and from the point of view of previewing the real-time effects of compiling and running programs. However, not all IDEs and terminals directly support the configuration of “transparent” or “translucent” windows.

WindowTop can directly set the transparency of any program window on Windows, forcing it to have the effect of “transparent background”. We can adjust the transparency of the window with the first button in the drop-down menu mentioned above.

In addition, it is not only the usage scenarios where developers write code, but also when other users need to preview two windows simultaneously on a small screen, they can also use WindowTop’s “transparent window” function to effectively improve screen utilization.

Window click through

Below the “Set Window Transparency” button, there is a “click to penetrate” function switch. In addition to setting a window as a translucent window, WindowTop can also make the window directly “ignore mouse clicks”, making it a translucent mask in the foreground, so that we can operate on a window in front, Without affecting the display of the window behind.

New window “minimize”

Minimize the window to a “minified version” preview window

WindowTop supports the new “window minimization” feature-reduce the window to a thumbnail, rather than directly in the taskbar. We click “Shrink” in the drop-down toolbar above the application window to shrink the window and place it on top.

Use the “WindowTop Minimize” of the video window to realize the Windows picture-in-picture function

Using this function, we can even make the video being played in full screen and “minimize” the full screen window, thus realizing the “Picture in Picture” mode on Windows. (Unfortunately, this function is more limited in the free version. If you want to experience the complete picture-in-picture of any window, you also need to purchase the WindowTop Pro described below.)

Window forced dark

Although Windows 10 currently supports a complete “dark theme”, and some applications have also adapted the dark theme function, there are still some old stubborn software that has not yet adapted the dark theme. For this kind of ancient software, we can actually use WindowTop to force the demo displayed by the software to be reversed. We click on “Set Dark” in the drop-down toolbar above the application window mentioned earlier to force the software to invert the color. Although this processing method is not perfect for the implementation of some software, there will be a situation of “passing through”, but using this function of WindowTop under the dark theme of all black is relatively able to achieve some of the needs.

Realize the effect of forced inversion for any Windows application

Advanced features of WindowTop Pro

In addition to the basic functions of WindowTop introduced above, the Pro advanced version of WindowTop also contains some advanced functions and features.

Window Aero Blur effect

On the basis of the “transparent window”, WindowTop Pro also supports the setting of a “semi-blurred background” effect similar to the Windows 7 era, but this effect is still similar to the translucent effect of the “acrylic glass” used in the current Windows 10 design. The difference is a semi-transparent background similar to Gaussian blur. We can adjust the brightness and blur degree of the window in the Aero blur effect, and even set the background of the window to blend it directly into the desktop wallpaper, which is very beautiful.

WindowTop window Aero blur effect

Intelligent inversion function

The WindowTop dark mode mentioned above is a dark color effect achieved by directly using “color inversion”, which actually looks rough. The dark mode in WindowTop Pro can perform further semantic processing on the application, such as not implementing the color inversion effect on the pictures in the webpage, and no further processing on the already darkened parts, making the dark mode more reasonable and durable.

WindowTop’s intelligent color inversion function


In addition, the paid Pro version of WindowTop also includes the following features:

  • The storage and memory function for windows of different applications does not need to reset the window style of the same application every time;
  • For applications in “WindowTop Minimize” mode, real-time mouse hover preview is supported;
  • Replace the white background of the window, and use other such as wallpaper as the window background to get a more immersive effect;


The functions of WindowTop can be said to be quite rich, and a single function of “any window on top” can solve the pain points of many Windows users.

You can download and install WindowTop directly from the WindowTop official website. The free version of WindowTop is also open source, and its project address is located on GitHub. If you find the features of WindowTop Pro more useful, you can also purchase the Pro version for $5.99.