Xpression Carema: Let you make the online meeting with pajamas as a suit at home

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EmbodyMe, a Japanese AI technology company, has developed a video conferencing filter application named that supports commonly used video conferencing programs such as “Zoom” and “Microsoft Teams” to help users “transform” during meetings, even in pajamas also can be automatically changed into a decent suit.

is simple to use. After installation, users only need to provide a photo of themselves wearing a suit, and then they can easily “transform” through the camera settings in the video conferencing program they are using. In addition to changing clothes during a video conference, Xpression Carema can also automatically “tidy up” the user’s appearance, such as messy hairstyles.

uses 3D face tracking technology to capture facial expression changes by analyzing more than 50,000 tracking points on the user’s face and generating a real-life simulation image in real-time.

In recent years, similar “face-changing” applications have appeared one after another, but focuses on low latency which is 50 times faster than other similar applications. And Xpression Carema can also be used on mobile phones and laptops.

At present, has opened a free trial, and the official version that provides functions such as video recording costs US$ 8 per month. Will you try it?